I’m Charles. I fix Macs.

Do you have an unhappy Mac? Does the hard drive go KACHUNK KACHUNK every time you start it up? Maybe it needs some special attention and TLC. Option8 is here to provide it. We’ll be glad to help out by repairing, configuring, installing and networking Macs of any vintage — from System 6 to OS X. We can network your house, home office, or business, set up a server, get your email sorted out, and get your Macs to talk to your PCs — and make sure you can understand the conversation.

We offer technical support for all kinds of Macs, whether it’s a vintage 128K or the newest MacBook Pro. We are well-versed in diagnosing software and hardware problems, installing upgrades and replacing broken parts.

Data recovery is a specialty. Our guarantee: If we can’t get any data off your dead hard drive, the service is free.

Coaching and training

If you’re new to the Mac, or if you switched long ago, there are still plenty of things you might not know how to do. It’s likely there’s something you’ve got a question about, or a new upgrade that’s got you scratching your head and digging through the manual, if there even is a manual. Maybe it’s getting all of your digital photos sorted, doing backups, or curbing the spam in your email. Maybe you want to start writing a blog, or set up a video chat with your family in another state. It’s all possible, and Option8 can help you get started.

Give us a call if you’re making the transition from Windows to a Mac, or moving up to the latest version of OS X. We have the tools and experience to make the migration an easier one, and we won’t let you get left behind.

Our specialty is making it all make sense without technical jargon or doublespeak. We can guide you through everything from how to organize your photos to how the Internet works.

Tech support

You’re not a network administrator. Or a security specialist. Or a troubleshooter. So why does your computer seem to think you are, asking you to set passwords and read log files?

If you’re in over your head, or something has gone awry, let Option8 help. We have experience with the quirks and oddities of OS X, from the public Beta through the latest release of MacOS. If your Mac is running slow, or just isn’t running, we can get you back up to speed in no time.

Maybe you have an older Mac that’s on its last legs, and you’re not ready to put it out to pasture just yet. We can help. In many cases, we can upgrade that old Mac with some new RAM, a bigger hard drive, get it on the Internet, and give it a new lease on life.


You have a bunch of Macs in your office. They’re all running different software and each one has its own issues. Your workstations can’t all talk to one another, and the PCs in the office can’t even see the Macs, and the only way to get files from one to another is on a USB drive. You need a server, or at least a working network. But what do you get? How do you know you’re not going to end up with something you can’t use?

Sure, everything is easier on a Mac, but when you’ve got thirty of them to deal with, even simple things can get complicated. Where are all the files? What about backups? What happens if a hard drive crashes? Or your office gets struck by a meteor?

Option8 can help. We’re here to help you set up a server, maintain your Macs, back up your files, share your Internet connection, and generally keep things from falling apart. We will come to your office and take an assessment of your Mac situation. From there, we provide you a blueprint to build on, with recommendations and options for your particular needs. With that blueprint, you can implement the plan yourself, have your network administrator take it and run with it, or you can have Option8 do the work. The first step, though, is the plan.

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